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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Marriage between Jagya and Gauri finally happens

A couple of episodes back, Gauri finally got to know that Jagya was married to Anandi and he was lying to her. She was in a state of shock when she got to know this and had traveled to Jagya's house; further, she also learnt that Jagya and his family was the same family to which she had been married off when she was a child, the family which also rejected the marriage and caused a huge amount of humiliation to the family of Gauri.
However, it was also true that both Jagya and Gauri loved each other a lot, and this love was strong enough that Jagya was able to convince Gauri that he only loved her, that the marriage to Anandi was a child marriage to which he had not say (which is actually morally right - except that he accepted the marriage when he came of age). She was so convinced that when her parents were somewhat uncomfortable with the thought of a marriage between Jagya and Gauri, she convinced them about the love between them. Further, the earlier marriages were child marriage and hence not legal, and that Gauri would be the legal wife of Jagya. Finally her parents agree to the marriage and it is decided that this would be a registered marriage.
Jagya has to pay a small bribe to the clerk at the registrar office so as to get the marriage ceremony done the next day instead of 30 days later, and finally the marriage happens. Gauri is determined to also go to Jagya's house and get their blessings, something that Jagya does not want to do. He has already broken relations with his family and knows that nothing good will come from going there; but they do go there just when a pooja is being finalized there for peace. When Jagya and Gauri enter there, Jagya gets the shock since he is slapped by his favorite relative, his grandmother.

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