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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya send back Rathod, refuses to marry him and threatens to harm herself

The story is becoming even more complicated. Veer is in jail, due to the act of revenge by Satya - Saanchi, where they implicate Veer in a rape case by drugging him, and then getting him in an incriminating position. He is accused of the rape of Saanchi, since he is found in the same room as Saanchi, where she appears shocked and with her clothes torn. He protests to some extent, but since he is drugged, it is of no use - further the lady inspector who comes sees this as a case where a rich man has committed an offence against a harmless girl, and is determined to ensure that he suffers for this. The inspector also beats up Veer to some degree and locks him up in the police station for interrogation.
The family is shocked, they try and ask Satya to forgive them, and not to punish their son for their mistakes - but he mocks them and refuses to do anything. After all, he has suffered for so long, his mother died in shock and his sister had to suffer for so many years.
Tapasya feels that Rathod can save Veer, since Rathod can testify that Satya and Saanchi are not blameless. He is totally fine, and wants to marry her and starts the whole process. The rest of Tappu's family have no idea about all this, and they get the shock of their lives when Rathod comes with a band to actually marry Tapu. He comes in front of the house, where they ask him to come inside so that they can avoid the tamasha; but inside the house, Tapu refuses to come down and meet Rathod. Instead, she tells him that she will kill herself and so their child will also be dead with her until Rathod goes away. Further, she will come to him, but not now. Unfortunately for her, Ichcha hears of all this and tells Tapasya to tell the truth to everybody and not hide things.
Now, Tapu is telling her side of the story to the family, and trying to explain what happened, and more important, who Rathod actually is.

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