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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav becomes more successful, but will he be able to give time at home

The makers of Pavitra Rsihta have decided to do as the other makers of serials have done, which is to bring in a time leap in the serial, taking it forward by 4 years. There are a lot of changes that will happen in the 4 years.
The most major will be in the life of Manav and Archana. Manav was in the throes of despair, where he left home after he was unable to provide money for the treatment of Archana, and he also lost his baby. He had an accident soon after, and found himself in the treatment of the rich couple, DK and Aashana. This was to be a turning point in his life. He gave some advice to DK, which helped DK clear a pending contract and get a project up and running, and this got Manav the chance to have a regular job. In addition, DK gave a test to Manav in which a construction project was stalled because of the demands of the union leader, and Manav was given 3 days in which he was to clear up the situation. Manav showed the workers that their supervisor was capable of putting in the required hard work, and also showed sympathy to many of the workers, and seeing the nature of Manav and that of their own union leaders, the workers started supporting Manav (even protecting him when the union leaders tried to hurt him).
In another front, the marriage of Dharmesh and Vaishali was heading to divorce court, with Dharmesh only claiming that this was not a valid marriage, and the effort was to try and get Madhuri to come and give evidence that her marriage with Dharmesh was not valid, and hence Vaishali's marriage was valid. Madhuri does give this evidence, shocking Dharmesh, and the court orders the divorce.
Now, after 4 years things, have changed.
Manav is now a successful man, but he does have a shortage of time since he is now a successful person, something that Aashna also told Archana earlier.
Archana and Manav had a kid, and they have given the kid to Varsha and Satheesh, since Varsha cannot have children of her own. Archana and Manav take full care of Sachin (Manav's dead brother's child).
Inspite of what happened earlier, Dharmesh and Vaishu are together again.

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