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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Now Manav is in a position of power and influence, and Dharmesh reports to him

Pavitra Rishta used to show Manav in a lot of problems, primarily because of his helping nature. he was in a soup economically; it was only when he was in shock after the death of his baby and his inability to do anything about it that he left home and then had a life changing accident. He collided with the car driven by DK's wife and they ended up taking care of him while he recovered. He gave them some good advice which resulted in DK testing him out and then making him the Manager of his business. Manav retains his sense of good and right, but is now very busy, which will be one of the challenges that he will not have too much time for his family.
In the present, Archana is a bit angry with Manav since he did not pick up Sachin from school and Sachin was searching for Manav. It was Ajit who found Sachin and brought him back to the house; Archana scolds Manav that she gave him one task to do at home, but it was her fault, she should never have done that. Manav manages to get forgiveness from Archana, since their love is so strong that they can never really get angry at each other.
Manav gets one chance to take revenge for whatever ill has been done at him in the past when he sees Dharmesh in the office, with Dharmesh having to report to Manav. Dharmesh has had problems with his business and has taken money from DK, and to repay the money, Dharmesh has to work as an Assistant Manager in the office; but he did not know that Manav is going to be his boss. When he brings this up with Manav tells him that if he does not like it, he can leave and repay the money back to DK, at which Dharmesh stops. However, he is dreading as to what will happen to him. He knows what all he has done to Manav in the past (especially when Manav wanted money for the hospital treatment of Archana) and given his nature, he feels that Manav can do anything to him. In fact, when Manav tells him that the contract Dharmesh has prepared is against the interests of the customers, Dharmesh tells Manav that this is because Manav is bringing his personal interests in the whole affair.

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