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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Pratigya finally out of the Thakur house due to Amma

A few episodes back, Amma had threatened Pratigya that she would finally end the reign of Pratigya in the house and ensure that Krishna, her protector, would kick her out of the house and out of his own life. Towards this end, she starts trying to create differences between Pratigya and Krishna, primarily related to the business that Krishna had started. Ironically, it shows the stupidity of both Krishna and Pratigya. Pratigya was not able to take the required steps to get Krishna back on her side even though Amma warned her every day that the countdown was ongoing and she would soon be out of the house. Krishna was eventually ready to believe that Pratigya was trying to harm his Amma and was also jealous of his business even though Pratigya was the one who was encouraging him to do something meaningful and take up a honest business.
Amma showcased how Pratigya used to fight with her over a number of issues, how she used the money that was meant for the wages of workers at Krishna's dhaba to buy a new necklace and did not let Krishna talk to Pratigya over this, since that would have revealed the truth. The final twist in the story was when Amma got everybody to believe that Pratigya was trying to destroy Amma by burning her and actually set herself on fire for this purpose.
Sajjan Singh had planned a puja with Ganga water, and Amma managed to make everybody believe that Pratigya was the one who had the intention to change the water in a pot with kerosene so that Amma would burn when she lit the lamp. Krishna finally believed her and as a result, finally told Pratigya that he no longer wished for her to be around and wanted her out of his house and life, and finally Pratigya accepted this and moved back to her parents house; in the meantime, Adarsh and Komal are totally now against her, since Adarsh believes that only his inlaws are actually with him.

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