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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Major fight between Priya and Neha, all conversation off

Like any other serial, the fun of a serial is in switching things quickly, changing relationships between characters to bring in some novelty into the serial and hope that the viewers like the change. A couple of months back, the serial tried to insert a lot of discord between Ram and Priya with the apparent news of a divorce between the 2 coming up, but given that the relationship between them is keeping the serial up, that was not liked by the viewers and the serial had to drop the plan.
So what is the next big relationship that can provide some news if the serial shows a large gap in that relationship; that is the relationship between Priya and Neha, and so the serial is now showing that the relationship has suddenly gone for a toss. These 2 friends are not even speaking to each other, and the serial shows quite clearly that all this was because of Priya; who jumped the gun and did not listen to what her close friend was trying to say.
The whole deal is about Pihu. She is shown as young, barely 15, and with all the emotional drama that people at her age are going through. She is interested in one of the hotshots, Varun, but he rebuffs her in his typical arrogant manner; her mother finds out and gets him a tongue lashing from school and from his parents (who, in the most normal coincidences, are Ashwin and Shruti). Shruti of course knows that it is best not to tangle with Priya and quickly draws down, but not before delivering a slap to her son in front of the others. He also hears his parents discussing this later and learns that his father and Priya almost had a relationship, and that Ashwin has suffered in his interactions with Priya and Ram. He is pained at everything that he has suffered.
So Varun desires revenge, and what better way to get revenge than through their daughter (and in the rush of youth does not realize of course that if Ram actually got down to revenge, he could totally destroy Varun and his parents). He asks Pihu about her mother and his father; she asks her mother, who denies it. And then Pihu hears her mother admit it in front of others, and she feels that her mother is not to be trusted. So, in this confusion, she turns to Varun, who embraces her as part of his plan.
However, the next day Neha sees Varun and Pihu together and follows them. Finally, she is shocked when she sees them together in the changing room and drags Pihu out of there and takes her back to the house and tells Priya about what all has happened. However, at this time, Pihu denies that anything like the changing room happens, and says that varun was following her and that Neha is lying. Neha is shocked, and slaps Pihu. Priya tried to make sense, and when Pihu denies that this happened, Priya calls the store and speaks to the manager. The manager was paid by Varun and tells her that nothing like this happened. At this, Priya tells Neha that she was being paranoid and this is because of the mistakes she made when she was young; at this, she realizes that something horrible has happened. At this, Neha tells her that this has now gone beyond their friendship and walks out. On the other hand, Priya speaks a lot of stuff about how her values have made sure that Pihu has good values, and that if anybody challenges Pihu, they are challenging the values of Priya. 

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