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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Finally Ram and Piya along with Pihu are safe and sound

The serial has been taking the viewers through a tough time. There was a split between everyone in the family over a variety of reasons. First the division between Karthik and Natasha was sudden and very hard. Karthik admitted that he had married Jhaanvi on the side, and that the baby that was born was his. This caused a huge shock to everyone in the family, also because he immediately went away to Singapore after that. This caused huge tension to everyone, and Natasha was furious - she wanted Karthik to come back so that he could be arrested and punished for everything that he had done to her. She was even willing to have her inlaws jailed in order to force Karthik to come back.
However, Priya was also wanting Karthik to come back and take over his responsibilities, which meant that he owned up to whatever was happening, and also accepted whatever punishment was due to him for what had happened. He finally came back, and the plan for Ram and Natasha was to get him arrested, and they had got the police involved in the plan to arrest him. Ayesha was also involved in all this, and wanted to as usual cause problems in the family, and posed as the best of friends to Natasha to provoke her to rebel and turn against Ram and Priya. When Karthik showed up, he was pursued by the police who also shot him when he was moving away from there. Natasha was shocked up by this, and ended up blaming Priya for everything that had happened, and even Rishabh turned against Ram because of all this.
There was an increased amount of tension between Ram and Priya as well, with Pihu also giving up because of all this fighting and tension, and hence Vikram and Neha tried to send them on a holiday to Singapore so that they could resolve their differences. And this was the medium that the serial showed to get them to resolve their differences. The plane in which they were travelling had an accident, and there was shock everywhere about the whereabouts of Ram, Priya and Pihu. This also caused Rishabh and Nuts to think about their attitude of the past few weeks, and caused them to change back into their normal loving relationship.
Finally the serial showed all of them safe and sound, and getting ready to go back. Ayesha tried some more spin, claiming in front of the family that since this accident was very hard, the family should be prepared for the consequences of their death, and start talking about how to divide the family property. This was something that was a mistake, since even in stupid serials, they do not show characters behaving so stupidly, and here this was a way to show the reform of Nuts, since she went up to Ayesha and slapped her hard for her various attempts to be an enemy of the family. Finally when they are back, there is a new tide of happiness, with the doctor saying that there are actually twins.

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