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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Piya with a doctor, trying to get her memories back

The situation is very complex. Neil has been killed, and Abhay now knows that Chand and Haseena have killed him. When he confronts them, they tell him that he did not stop them from killing Neel, only from killing Dipannita. There is a confrontation between them where both of them tell him that they do not really trust him to take the right decision for the vampires, and when he states that he wants to give up being the leader of the clan, they are fine with that decision and tell him that this is the right decision (since he cannot think properly, being always concerned about Piya).
Arnav had seen the body of Neel, and seen bite marks on the neck, and after consulting books and all, realizes that these are vampire bite marks, and that this means that vampires are indeed there in the Dehra Doon area. He tells Jay that the vampires were behind the death of Neel, and that the police should be informed. Jay thinks about this, but then thinks that maybe this will cause the police to chase Abhay, and this is what he wants, and so the police come to Abhay. Abhay turns them out, accusing them of not having done any investigation on their own, and only when they have some proof should they come.
Piya has gone to meet a doctor in order to try and get some of her memory back, and slowly gets taken back to the time when she met Abhay, and then recalls the episode where she met Mythili, and Mythili was threatening her and Abhay and this causes her to become almost in a fit like condition. Abhay realizes this and rushes towards her, and by then the doctor has realized that she has committed a mistake. Now Abhay thinks of giving back her memory.

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