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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Marriage between Dev and Nandini happens

The serial has got into a bit of a strange pattern for the last few episodes. The pattern of the serial was that there would be some major issue, and then it would start getting resolved through some planning and cunning. However, after the issue of Nayantara got resolved with her getting exposed and taken away by the police, things are at a slow level. Maybe the news that the serial may be coming to an end is causing this change in pattern of the serial.
Now, Mann still has not recovered his memory, but has otherwise reconciled to the marriage with Geet and does a repeat of the ceremony with him taking the marriage oaths again. He is also more mellow now (does not get into a rage fast enough).
The romance between Dev and Nandini is flowing fast through the serial. For now, the crimes that Dev has committed in the past seem to have been forgotten (including everything he did against Geet); he is madly in love with Nandini but has not get confirmation from her. From her behavior, it seems that she is also fond of Dev. Dev takes a dress to her and tells her that if she feels the same way, she would take the dress and he finds that she does indeed reciprocate his feelings.
They desire a marriage to happen quickly between them, and so a marriage is planned without telling a number of people, although Geet and Adi are heavily involved in the marriage planning. Mann goes along with this plan after some initial resistance, but does put in a check. He states that even though the marriage has happened, until the parents have also agreed, the marriage cannot be consummated.

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