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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Toasty trying to help Malti integrate into the house

Toasty is being shown in the serial as the lady who managed to make her mark in the male only house (enough though she faced a lot of barriers in the beginning). Now, she is the on whom the while household depends on.
She also managed to resolve some other matters in the house, the most remarkable being the relationship that the house had with its elder daughter-in-law, Malthi. She had left the house after being instigated by her mother, and the separation had been traumatic, with the house people being accused of tormenting their daughter-in-law. One of her brother-in-laws, Ved, was condemned as somebody who was casting evil eyes on his bhabhi, something that he remembers now and is very deeply stressed over.
Toasty is able to get most of the problems between Malthi, Pashu, and the others in the house resolved. She is able to get even Pitaji agreeable to bring Malti back (although there are a couple of times that she has to face criticism from the people over all this). Now that Malti bhabhi is back in the house, the next step is to ensure that she is accepted by everybody in the house. The problem now is that everybody is dependent on Toasty for everything, such as food, clothes, and everything else. In such a situation, Malthi feels a bit left out (and Ved is still hostile at her).
Toasty makes a lot of effort to ensure that the people in the house have to deal with Malthi, including leaving the house for some time to ensure that Malti gets a free run and everybody learns that she can easily take the place of Toasty and so that they can become dependent on her. So far this is working out.

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