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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - A serial about a person who seems to have lost a lot in life

The serial promises to be an interesting serial. The serial was promoted for long on Sony before it actually started on the 9th of August, and is made by Ekta Kapoor (Balaji Telefilms). It gives a great role to Samir Soni, bringing him back to television. The serial portrays the life of a man who was doing well sometime in life, but who now sits at home, and is now seen as a failure in life. Sameer Soni plays the role of Kunal Chopra, who was once a successful lawyer, and had a relationship with Richa (who was the daughter of Thakral, with whom Kunal has an adversarial relationship). After all the failures he suffers, Kunal no longer has the enthusiasm to do anything and sits at home; with his brothers and father blaming him for not recovering after the failures and not doing any kind of job.
Right now, the story is revolving around the impending marriage of Anand (Kunal's brother) and Siddhi, who is a strong minded girl and who seems to have a conflicting relationship with Kunal. She has Thakral as a boss, and Thakral has been invited for the functions, and the relationship between the Chopras and Thakral is even more strained because very recently the daughter of the house, Raveena was caught in a car with the son of Thakral, and the police was involved as well. Thakral also taunts the family to some extent.

Actor Character Description
Samir Soni Kunal Chopra The main male lead
Ayaz Khan Gaurav Chopra Kunal's brother
Mona Vasu Richa Thakral Kunal's ex girlfriend
Saurabh Jain Anand Chopra Kunal's brother
Keerti Nagpure Siddhi Mallik Anand's fiance
Prerna Wanvari Ravina Chopra Kunal's sister
Alka Amin Veena Chopra Kunal's mother
Vivek Mishraa Raj Chopra Kunal's father
Aarti Singh Seema Chopra Kunal' sister in law
Khusboo Shroff Shilpa Mallik Siddhi's sister
Mukesh Solanki Kapil Mallik Siddhi's brother
Deepak Sandhu Vikram Garewal Seema's brother
Amit Singh Thakur Sudhanshu Garewal Seema's & Vikram's father
Abhay Bhargava D K Thakral Kunal's ex boss & chief villain

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