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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Maryada Lekin Kab Tak - Vidya in hospital after being shot by Brahmanand

The serial is turning to be full of confrontation nowadays. And it has taken on something that is pretty controversial in the Indian context, the concept of a homosexual relationship. For a movie like Dostana to show a homosexual relationship is something else, especially when it gets shown in multiplexes and is set in the US, but for a serial such as Maryada, which is set in the Indian small town context, in a conservative society, is something else altogether.
The minister RD has yet to get over the shock of what she had learnt. She was inquisitive, and wanted to find out what was going on in the marriage of the son of the police officer Brahmanand, and slowly finds out more. She learns that there is no close relationship in the marriage between Vidya and Gaurav, and then learns that Gaurav is actually interested in men, not in his wife. She of course wants to use this a power over the police officer, and tells him about this. Brahmanand is very angry over this and comes into confront his son, and in the battle Vidya gets shot and is taken to the hospital. However, RD has to also suffer since on the other side of the homosexual relationship is her own son, Karan. Karan gets very angry with her and tells her that she has to correct items, and needs to tell Brahma that what she told him was not true. She is still shocked at what her son is upto.
On the other hand, Bramha is facing more issues. His wife knows that Brahma has started having an affair with her own sister Uttara, and the relationship between them has deteriorated. She has also learnt that Brahma had made an attempt on the modesty of his own future daughter-in-law.

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