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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha going into a psychotic mode, pining for Soham

Things are getting tricky for various characters in the serial. The relations that were proper between the various members of the serial (except for the set of Manju, Vinod, Ajit and Rasika) has always been cordial, and Maanav, with his success is a great supported of everybody else. However, Savita is always the tricky one, since she was susceptible to being provoked. Rasika decided to use this personality twist in order to turn Savita against her own daughter-in-law Archana, and she seems to be succeeding in this attempt.
In the midst of all this, since Varsha is not able to bear a child, her quest for attaining Soham is incredible. She kidnaps Soham from Maanav's house, and even when she is found out, she is really not apologetic. Soon, her mental condition becomes worse and she even starts believing that Archana has handed over Soham to her. Sathish is very shocked at this transformation in Varsha; Maanav on the other hand starts getting very protective of his child and refuses to let Archana go near Varsha with Soham. When Archana tries to push, he gets very angry at Archana and issues between them become bad for some time.
On the other hand, Savita wants to take revenge on Archana and so encourages Shravani to take back Sachin and also that Archana should give Soham to Varsha; as a result, Archana will not have any of her children with her and this will be the just reward to her for whatever she has been doing wrong.
Varsha gets even more psychotic, attacking her own mother-in-law with a glass bottle, and is now shown to a doctor for analysis. The doctor diagnoses her as having a mental problem that will get worse unless things are rectified.

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