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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - The marriage between Ram Kapur and Priya finally happens

For some time now, the track of the events leading to the wedding has been ongoing, and it's going to be a double wedding, with first the wedding of Karthik and Natasha happening, and later the wedding of Ram and Priya going to happen. Just after the wedding of Karthik and Natasha, it became clear that everybody will have problems later with Natasha, since she became adamant that they will need to leave for their honeymoon right now (since her friends have gifted her an expensive honeymoon, else they will lose their flight tickets), while Karthik is flabbergasted at how she could think that they will go for their honeymoon and Karthik will not attend the wedding of his elder sister. Ram is also very shocked by the fact that his younger sister could not care to attend his wedding; but as the situation starts to turn ugly, Priya gets in and convinces Karthik that he should leave for his honeymoon. At the honeymoon hotel, Natasha develops an allergy to a face pack and is advised by Karthik that this was a punishment to her for her bad behavior at the marriage.
Now, the marriage between Ram and Priya runs into a small hitch when the vehicle carrying Priya develops a problem, and then at the marriage location, the earlier marriage has not yet concluded, so they need to wait a bit more. However, finally the marriage happens with all the drama happening when she leaves her parents and goes away with Ram Kapoor.
Because of the muhurat time being set for the next morning, they need to spend time in a hotel room, which gets embarrassing when their close friends Vikram and Neha decorate the room with flowers, exactly of the type that would suit a honeymoon suite, and make plenty of comments about the marriage night before they leave. Vikram gets called to the office where he learns that Ram's brother Sid is cheating him, and he has to do something soon.

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