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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram off to the US, while trouble only increasing for Karthik

The serial so far has remained away from serious stuff, but one can expect that things will continue to get more serious. So far the focus has been on the coming together of Ram and Priya in a sort of forced marriage, and also the love marriage of Karthik and Natasha, where the 2 of them are very different people. The serial is making an effort to show that one marriage will move slowly closer together while the other marriage will get into more difficult territory.
Very soon after the marriage of Ram and Priya, Ram finds that the deal in US for his younger sister (Natasha) is coming awry, since his own family member did not go there for getting the deal done. So, on the day after his marriage, he rushes off to the US after making a speech about how important the marriage is; while Natasha comes home from the honeymoon (by telling Karthick that she wants to be there for the ceremonies, while actually she only wants to be there for the party that her friends would be wanting to attend).
So, while Priya is alone at home, coming to terms with a huge house where there are servants at the beck and call, and there are a large number of options for everything (and it is not expected that she needs to do anything at all herself); Natasha has got her friends over for a party to the tune of sniggers, since there are no drinks, in fact nothing like a party that would be expected from the likes of Natasha Kapoor. And then the neighbors come to complain about the noise and the late hour and the party needs to come to an end. Natasha is embarrassed in front of her friends and her inlaws are angry at what has happened.
Ram calls home to find out a data card for some information, and this leads to a humourous situation where Priya is looking in his jockeys, both get thoroughly embarrassed.

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