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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Confrontation between the families and people involved

The serial is moving towards another escalation point. The proceeding are moving away from the clan of werewolves. First Dipannita was trapped by Abhay and jailed, and then removed from the jail by the whole group of vampires who take her away in order to kill her. It is Jay along with Neel who kidnaps Piya (since they know how Abhay feels towards her) in order to force Abhay to release Dipannita. And Abhay does so, even though Chand and Haseena feel otherwise. Further, Jay forces Abhay to remove his mother from the accused tag, and Abhay presents himself to the police as the actual murderer. In the meantime, Misha and Panchi find out about the kidnapping of Piya, and know that Neel was behind all this, and along with Danish, manage to go and rescue Piya from Neel (and Piya then goes to the police station and gets Abhay out of there).
Jay is very angry at Alina for whatever she has done to help Piya, and attacks her, but Alina, using a previously unknown power, gets lighting to attack the werewolf (Jay in his animal form). Panchi's parents get to know everything about Neel and decide to break the engagement so that Panchi is liberated from such an engagement.
Jay, for some reason, tells Neel to leave from there so that he is safe from danger. it could be that Neel does not have the powers that others in his family have. However, soon after Neel leaves from there, the Dobriyals find his dead body in the road and are shocked (even more so since they are going to his house to break the engagement). The precap shows that it was Chand and Hasina who killed Neel.

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