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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha apparently kidnapping Soham

2 major events have been happening in the serial. One is a ongoing divide between Savita and Archana. Over a period of time, Archana had managed to bring herself back into the good books of Savita through multiple efforts, and because of her basic goodness. However, there was always something in Savita's nature which made her liable for being manipulated by others; and in this case, Rasika decided to try and turn Savita against her own family members by using money as an instrument. Rasika was very angry over what she perceived as Savita's arrogance after Manav became successful, and decided that she would try and see that Savita lost everything. So, she starts poisoning the mind of Savita against Archana (using the presence of Sulochana in the house - Sulochana had been turned out by Manjusha, and after being out for some time, she was taken by Manav and Archana back to their house).
Due to some situations, Savita becomes convinced that Archana was trying to take money away from Manav and even give some of this to Sulochana, and hence starts to become negative towards Archana and Sulochana (and the sisters of Archana). This increases when there is a situation where Manav was going to give money for Ajit's business and for an apartment; and then Archana refuses to give the money since she hears that Ajit was going to misuse the money.
On the other front, things get more tricky when Varsha is shown as kidnapping Soham from the house, and taking him away when Archana is briefly not in the house. The police are called and call all the family members (angering many of them), but so far they are not able to determine who has taken Soham; but Savita has her doubts about Varsha.

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