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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The news that Tapu cannot become a mother again

The serial keeps on showing a lot of twists and turns. At some point, the serial showed how Jogi Thakur was very angry with Tapasya (and no doubt, given all that she had done based on her impulsiveness and selfish nature), and had broken off relations. Even her mother felt very bad for what all she had done, but both of them finally decided to forgive her and so Tapasya comes back to the house to visit them, and they make up. Similarly, they both know that Nani was the one who was primarily responsible for the mis-education of Tapu, and Nani and Divya part on bitter terms, but then Jogi admonishes Divya for having turned Nani out and so Nani is back in the house. It comes a bit embarrassing when Rathod and Tapu come there, and so does Mai (Veer's mother) and they run into each other.
However, Rathod rescues the situation by asking for blessings from Mai, and prods Mai to give blessings to Tapu as well, and also encourages Tapu to take blessings from Mai. Mai does so in a manner which shows that she is doing so reluctantly (after all, how can she forgive what Tapu did) and she departs from there, also without talking to Nani (just folding hands).
On the other hand, there is some bad news for Tapu, since Nani has seen Tapu's medical reports and tells Divya that Tapu cannot become a mother again (and like most serials, this is said in the open without checking whether Tapu is there), Tapu hears and is heartbroken.

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