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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The coming together of Veer and Ichcha again at the airport

For some time now, the serial has been showing a separation between Veer and Ichcha; Veer has got very despondent about whatever has happened and feels that he has totally failed Ichcha, and when his attempts to meet or find out about Ichcha do not work, he decides that he has to leave for the United States to leave everything behind. His assistant also tries to persuade him to stay, but he has decided and takes leave of everyone from the house. Further, when Damini tried to call him earlier to inform him about Ichcha's pregnancy, she got the impression that Veer did not really seem interested, and then decides that they should not try to contact him again.
On the other hand, Jogi has also been looking for them, and finally sees Ichcha at the doctor's house where she has gone for some consultation regarding her pregnancy. Jogi meets Ichcha, is very excited to know that she is pregnant, and tells her that Veer has met Jogi often, always apologizing for having let Ichcha down, and is now going to leave for the US (leaving everything behind). Ichcha is shocked to learn about this and rushes to the airport with Jogi and Ammu, and in a scene from the movies, they finally call out for each other and meet at the airport (and decide that they want to be together again). Veer decides that he will take Ichcha back to the house.
On the other hand, Nani wants to try her tactics in Rathod's house, but one is not sure whether all that will work or not, since Rathod is different from Jogi.

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