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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Sid and Mama trying to use Ashwin to bring differences between Ram and Piya

The serial is trying the first major drama of the serial. Ever since Piya caused the dramatic downturn in the fortunes of Sid by exposing that he had hidden the family necklace, and for which Vikram was sought to be blamed, Sid had been seeking any way to show Piya down; and he tried to explore her past history by pumping her sister for information. Her sister did reveal that Piya was earlier engaged to a guy named Ashwin, who was engaged to Piya, but who ultimately ditched her to marry her close friend Shruti, something that had impacted Piya a lot.
Then Sid recalls that there was somebody who had come to the office for a job, and he had turned the guy away, and this was also a guy named Ashwin. They get the guy back, and offer him a job, trusting that they would be able to manipulate things to put differences between Ram and Piya. Both Sid and Mama start pumping up Ashwin in terms of Piya still being interested in him (after all, what could she want from a person such as Ram), to the extent that Ashwin starts believing what they says and starts looking for chances to get closer to Piya.
So when Piya comes to the office to give a lecture, Ashwin comes to her, but she totally rebuffs him, sending him back and cold-shouldering him. However, he persists, and even goes as much as to claim to some of his batchmates that they should serve him, since he is close to the wife of the CEO. With some more things, and with prompting by Sid and Mama, Ram is starting to realize that something is going on, and starts to monitor what is going on with Piya. Piya on the other hand is just trying to end whatever things Ashwin is trying to get her into.

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