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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Tearful departures from the house

Till now, the serial has always shown them as rich people, doing a jewellery business where they earn a lot of money and live well. However, since they have been shown undergoing a lot of stress for some reason or the other (whether that be the marriage of their daughters, or the relation with the daughter-in-law, or relations with their son's in-laws, or the pregnancy of their daughter); they don't need a specific reason to have stress in their life.
But now things are very stressful indeed. They are being forced to move from their house, the same house in which the brothers settled in, and where the children of the house were born and brought up in; all due to problems in business (fall in values of share investment and loan issues) - attributed to Naitik. As a result, the inevitable has happened - they have been forced to put their house up in order to get money to pay their workers (including Diwali bonus).
This is a very uncomfortable situation for everybody, since for the moment, they do not even have a house where to go to; and when their inlaws offer any kind of help (both Rashmi's inlaws, and Akshara's parents), they are so proud that they cannot take such help. However, since they do not have any option as of now, they will have to eventually take help - they need a place to live in.
They have already been forced to give up some of their stuff, since they cannot keep everything that they owned, so many items from their younger times that was kept for sentimental reasons has to be given away.

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