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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Plot by Urmila and Rashi fails, back to the same situation

The serial continues to show a state of confrontation between Kokila and the mother-daughter duo of Urmila - Rashi. After Rashi was kicked out of the Modi house, Urmila tried all her cunning to somehow get them back into the house, but nothing seems to be working. She tried pleading, trying to cause them embarrassment, trying to knock the doors of the police, but nothing seems to be working. If anything, seeing how Urmila is keeping on plotting, seems to be making Koki more determined in her decision, backed up by Hetal and the rest of the family. On the other hand, the presence of Kinjal is causing a bit of a shake, since the rest of the family is pushing Dhaval to setup the shop again and move to a new house; while Kinjal sees this as an opportunity to continue to have the benefits of living in the posh Modi house; if she moves out with Dhaval anywhere, things will get tight for her since with their limited income, they will have a much smaller house - in fact, some of the houses that Dhaval has shown her caused her great disgust.
Urmila and Rashi tried to get Kokila's mother on their side, thinking that she will get Koki to change her decision, but after some initial discussion, Nani got to know the whole truth from Hetal and decided that Koki took the right decision by kicking Rashi out of the house - and when Urmila and Rashi confront her at the gates of the house, she ignores them.
Now, the mother-daughter duo have to figure out what to do, and with Dhaval not running his shop, money is in short supply. Urmila says that the shop needs to be re-opened, but if there is work to do, then Rashi is not comfortable with doing this work, and causes a customer to go away.

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