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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - House bought by DK for Manav, but problems with the chawl

There was a lot of drama about the ongoing auction of the Karanjkar house; and in fact, Manjusha had got the house auctioned earlier than expected because she knew that Manav was going out of the city and since she knew that Manav would not be there. This caused everyone to get upset, also because they were not able to reach Manav; the only 2 people happy about this were Manjusha because that was her nature, and Savita since she did not want Manav's money (over which she thought was hers) to be spent on the Karanjkar house.
The tension over this was stretched over a number of episodes of the serial, with all the characters being displayed one by one expressing their feelings. In the meantime, the impending deal over the chawl was also ongoing with Manav feeling that he could get some control over the deal in order to ensure that everyone in the chawl got a good real and a better place to live. Dharmesh was also involved in the plan to auction the house, since that would let him also get revenge for everything that was done to him, with a lot of the focus in terms of getting revenge on Manav.
And then the surprise; when Manav gets back, he is given the house since DK had promised him that he would ensure that the house did not go to anybody else; Manav promptly gave this news to everybody else and they decided to get Manohar and Sulochna back to the house. There was a confrontation with Manjusha who was already there in the house, with Vinod looking on and unable to do anything except shed tears.
Manav is worried about the chawl deal, since the people assigned to do the project are people who not very high sense of morals, and he is afraid that they will do anything for their benefit rather than care for the people of the chawl.

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