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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - They find the truth about Shravana and get Anandi's respect back

Anandi was in a lot of trouble. Even after the surprise of Jagya going and saving her and bringing her back to the house, there were a lot of problems with respect to rumours of her character, and with Shravan's parents blaming her for running away with their son along with a photo of Shravan and Anandi on a bike (which Anandi denied could ever have happened), her reputation was taking a big hit. In this case, even the power of her family would have proven difficult in saving her reputation; it was imperative for them to find the truth and tell the people of the village about the truth.
So, they decide that the best way was to actually find out the truth, and they decide to start following Shravan's father for this, when he gets into a bus and stealthily follow him all the way to where he meets Shravan in a hut somewhere else. From there, after some chasing, they finally catch Shravan, and take him back to the village in a jeep. Since the people in the village can see that Shravan is being taken back, they are curious and follow them.
And then they make Shravan talk, and he starts with the whole story, about the plan to ruin the reputation of Anandi, where Shravan gains the confidence of the household, and then finally steals the jewels and clothes of Anandi and then kidnaps Anandi so that it seems that Anandi has run away. Further, he finds a photo of Jagya and Anandi on a bike and changes the photo such that it seems that it is Shravan and Anandi on the bike. His parents are a full part of the plan. He reveals that this was done with the connivance of Heth Singh, and finally Anandi has her reputation back since the villagers have heard the story and now believe that she had nothing to do with all this.

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