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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi and Urmila trying to get Rashi back in the house

The serial is typically a very melodramatic serial, with a lot of drama in every episode; I am sure the script and dialog writers must have been told to put as much drama as possible even in every dialog. So, when the mother-in-law speaks to her daughter-in-laws, you feel as if something is about to happen. Similarly, when even the door bell rings, everybody's face takes on an expression as if something strange is going to happen.
So, when the melodrama in the serial increases, things get even more interesting. In the current case, Rashi had been kicked out of the house, and Urmila was trying all tactics to get her back. For some time, she tried to create a drama in front of the Modi mansion, and then when that did not work, she tried to use the police to threaten Kokila and the family, but that did not work either.
In the meantime, Kinjal and Dhaval are also in the Modi mansion, where Dhaval is feeling uncomfortable about being there, but the others are trying to make him comfortable. Kinjal on the other hand is trying to be as clever as she can; she tries to get her shoes cleaned by Gopi and Koki sees that and gives her a right scolding about being respectful towards her elder bhabhi and doing her work herself rather than trying to manipulate people; especially somebody like Gopi who cannot say no to anyone.
In the meantime Rashi and Urmila have got hold of Nani, in the hope that they will get her to reverse Kokila's decision; but Nani has such a forgetful nature that they should not be hoping that something useful will come from her side. They manage to get her in an auto to the Modi house, but one is not sure whether their plan will succeed.

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