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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi asked to leave the house, her mother will fight back

The family has a pride in terms of being good straight people. So, when Koki learns the truth about the lies of Rashi and Urmi, she is shocked and decides to expose all that Rashi has done in front of everybody. This is a shocker for everybody. But before this, Rashi has already gone off to her mother's house with her luggage, and Jigar goes there to pick her up so that she can be there in the house for Diwali celebrations (so far only Jigar knows that she has gone there in a huff).
So, finally Rashi comes back to the house, where she is happy that Jigar has come there to pick her up, and that she is important for the household. However, Rashi is in for a big shock when she comes back to the house, since Koki subjects her to an interrogation as soon as she comes inside, and that too, in the full flow that Koki is capable of. Even though others try to stop her, she shuts everybody up (including Gopi who tries to intervene but is forced to keep quiet).
Soon, the others find out about everything that Rashi and her mother are done, and when Jigar admits that he knew some of this, there is confirmation as well. It is at that point that Rashi is turned out of the house. Her mother is shocked at this and cannot stand such a thing happening. She comes to the house in order to try and bring her daughter back, but does not succeed. So she starts a new drama where she sits at the gate of the house, claiming that she will not leave till they take her daughter out, but Koki tells everyone to ignore this drama, telling Ahem to be quiet, although he is getting very angry and wants to call the police to sort this out. When Gopi is going out to meet Urmi, Koki stops her as well.
The next part of this drama will be where Urmi attempts to use the drama of some injuries on Rashi's body in order to claim that she was being tortured for dowry, and there will be the need for CCTV footage in order to verify the truth.

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