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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Competition between Pashu and Tej, and then Tej's accident

The competition between Pashu and Tej over the past few weeks has been shown to be much more tense than in the past; ever since Tej felt that Pashu was dictating terms to him and not treating him very well. He finally decided that it would be difficult to work with Pashu any more (and Pashu was also actually being very impatient with Tej, taking all his comments with great criticism, and replying back sharply to some of these comments).
Finally, Tej decided that enough is enough, and he decided to do a business for himself, and he knew one line of business, and so decided to open a saree shop just like Pashu was running the family saree shop. He got part of the financing through his mother-in-law, something that caused some amount of distress in the Chaturvedi household, although when Tej named the shop after his later mother, that seemed to reduce the opposition to some degree.
And then the competition between the 2 brothers increased to a large degree, with both of them trying to out-compete against each other, keeping their shops open for a larger amount of time, or even offering discounts, something that the head of the family normally discouraged as a business practice. Finally Pitaji decided that this competition was getting very unhealthy and reduced the amount of time he had given to both of them to decide which one was more successful.
Finally, when the accounts were to be checked, Toasty, in order to reduce some of the conflicts in the family, gave the winning position to Pashu (and not Tej) (and this was very confusing, since the rationale did not seem to be very proper). The condition was that whoever lost would close his shop and merge it with the other one, and in the end, this win and loss was actually more confusing to both of them. Tej was very unhappy when he found what Toasty had done.
Then things turned more serious. Tej went off to Pune for some work for Pashu's shop, and then Toasty heard that the bus had gone over a cliff and everybody had died; and is now searching hospitals for any sign of Tej. A lot of tragedy for the family, but eventually I am sure that Tej will be found.

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