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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Hitler Did - A new serial on Zee TV, about a young girl with responsibility

Hitler Didi is a new serial on Zee TV that started on 7 November 2011, at the prime time of 8 PM on weekdays. It is again different from the regular saas-bahu serials, since the serial focuses on a young girl trying to lead her family on a day to day front, where they do not have much of financial independence, and her father has left them a long time back.
Hitler Didi is actually called Indira Sharma, only aged 25 years, but has gained a reputation of being a strong willed lady, who does not tolerate any kind of problems from her family or in the neighborhood. She has her own values and belief system, and this was clearly visible in a recent episode of the serial. Her brother, Munna, does not own up to his responsibility, even though he has a family with a wife and a 7 year old son Eshaan. He does not work, instead trying to figure out ways to quickly make money. In a recent episode, his own father and step-mother (both of him Indira despise) get the police to the home because of a forgery committed by Munna. Indira pays up the problem, but allows the police to take him away to jail since he had committed a crime and needed to pay up for that time.
Indira also has a younger sister who is not taking the same level of responsibility as Indira, and her mother is also mostly on the side of her brother, and sympathetic to her husband (even though her husband has left her for a second woman Jhumpa). Indira's bhabhi (Sunaina, Munna's wife) also does not really get along well with Indira, since she does not have very high status in the house (after all, Indira is the one who runs the household, and as such, it is her wishes that run the house).

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