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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Married to a less qualified family

Diya Aur Bati Hum is a relatively new serial, that premiered on Star Plus on 29 August 2011, replacing Gulaal. The serial, like many others shows, is set in the land of Rajasthan, so you will hear a lot more about words such as beendni, and so on (typical Rajasthani words used in serials). The serial takes the story of a girl who aspires for a lot, but is married off into a family that she believes is much below her, and where she fears all her aspirations will be crushed.
So, Sandhya, is the lead in the serial (played by Deepika). She is educated, and wants to join the Indian Police Service. She is ambitious, and wants to do a lot in life. However, things get totally turned around when her parents die, and she has to be supported by her brother-in-law and sister. To her shock, she is married off to Sooraj, who runs a sweet shop and who is much less educated than her.
Sandhya is totally shocked with what has happened to her, especially when she finds out more about the family to which she is married into, as well as the educational details of her husband. In addition, she feels that the culture of her new family is very different. The daughter-in-laws of the family are expected to remain silent, do whatever is expected out of them, produce the mail heirs of the family, not have any ambitions, and so on.
When she gets a chance to have an interaction with her brother, she scolds him incredibly for marrying her into such a family, and selling off the family home, since he has to go abroad. In addition, she detests her position now, and crawls at the impending prospect of her husband wanting to have physical relations with her.

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