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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya manages to rescue Anandi from the problem that she had got into

Anandi was in deep trouble. Some time back, she met a young guy called Shravan (with the attempt to show to the viewers of the serial that this was a possible love affair for her); but the intention was different. She was kidnapped by a guy called Heth Singh who wanted to take revenge for an insult to him, and Shravan was part of this kidnapping.
Part of the planning of the kidnapping was to show Anandi in a bad light, saying that since she was young, her husband had left her, she was feeling lonely and hence had decided to elope with Shravan. This will totally reduce the image of Anandi in everybody's mind. To increase this effect, soon after Anandi goes missing, Shravan's parents land up in the house moaning for their son who is missing; and later pretend that they have found out that Anandi has also gone missing, and start blaming Anandi for having mislead their honest son and run away with him. Other also hear this, and the news also reaches Gauri, who in her quest to put down Anandi tells Jagya that his former wife has run away, this is her character.
Jagya cannot believe this, and says that he will find Anandi. And you know that this will happen, so he is able to eventually locate where Anandi is located, sneak into the room where she was imprisoned (where she is somewhat in shock over one of the goons trying to molest her when she was tied up and helpless), and then run away when all the bad men are drunk, taking their own bike. He manages to eventually get Anandi back to the house after truck and bus ride, away from the goons, but the question will not go away; there will be a showdown over whether Anandi had run away (which a number of people in the village believe).

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