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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Vikram catches Rohit, there is a fight ongoing

The serial keeps on meandering between the Thakral's and Kunal's family. There is also some concern in fans of the serial about the apparent change in the serial; the serial started out with a greater focus on Kunal with the show revolving around him; now he is just another character in the serial, with limited airtime for the past weeks while Siddhi is the main superman in the serial. She finds out the truth, locates Rohit by going to Thakral's house and listening to a phone conversation and then actually follows Rohit to a red light area.
When she corners Rohit in a room, he tried to turn the tables on her by forcing her to stay in the room and leaving on his own (although she injures him by throwing things on him, and almost manages to get him to stay); and also calling the police with the assumption that they will arrest Siddhi for immoral trafficking. He does manage to get away to some extent, but Vikram reaches there and fights with Rohit. Rohit seems to be getting the upper hand in the fight, but then Vikram manages to overcome Rohit. In the meantime, Richa reaches the place where Rohit was earlier and was arrested in the police raid while Siddhi manages to get away from there.
When Siddhi reaches home, Thakral has learnt about the arrest of Richa and reaches Siddhi's home accusing her of getting Richa arrested in revenge. He does not believe when Siddhi tells him that Rohit is alive; and then Vikram calls her saying that he has Rohit. The precap leaves it a bit suspicious about the motives of Vikram, but he is normally shown as a very good guy, so one wonders as to what is happening.

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