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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Rohit is alive, and now Siddhi has to prove this and get Kunal free

For some reason, the serial primarily seems to be focused on the conflict between Kunal's family and the Thakral. Now, pappa Thakral feels that he is better than Kunal, and hence there will always be a conflict between them. But the situation is more tricky for the next generation, since beti Thakral (Richa) is passionate about Kunal, and beta Thakral (Rohit) is passionate about Raveena, and both Kunal and Raveena now don't want anything to do with Rohit and Richa.
So, the current situation is that Rohit is trying to get his revenge, and for that purpose, he tries to get Siddhi the accused in his murder case, but things are never simple. Kunal steps in, convinces the court that it was actually he who was involved in the case, and then Thakral (how does Thakral become the prosecution lawyer, when his own son was the victim) manages to prove that it was a planned murder and not a simple accident, and thus things get more serious.
Siddhi did not want Kunal to take the blame, but Kunal went ahead and did the same, and now Siddhi wants to get him out. For some time, people in the household believe that Vikram had also fought with Rohit at around the same time, and maybe he was the murderer of Rohit. However, then Siddhi manages to get a glimpse of a guy who was after Raveena, and it was Rohit. When she tells family members, they do not believe her, but then Vikram and others start believing. Now they need to catch Rohit and show him to the police so that the murder case will be over and Kunal can be out of jail. What is surprising is that Thakral also apparently does not know that Rohit is alive.

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