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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Mona and Pradeep still out on a social gathering

The character of Pradeep in the serial is being shown as more and more negative. When it turned out that the proposal by Jatin may be accepted, he tries everything to prevent this from happening, to the extent that he calls Mona's parents (the same ones who were not willing to accept Mona in their home after the breakup) over; they come and start lamblasting Mona's inlaws for trying to get rid of Mona and so on. Then finally the serial shows some amount of steel in Mona since she questions them about whether they are really for Mona, or for their status in society, and finally manages to quieten them. And then when Pradeep tries to say something, she gives him a verbal slap.
This however is not enough for Pradeep. On the other side, Anushka also learns that Pradeep was trying to prevent Mona's remarriage, and also that he had called her parents over, and further, he had taken Anushka out to dinner so that he could keep an eye out on Mona and Jatin's dinner date. She tells him that he has to decide where he wants to be, and she leaves the place, asking him to make a decision. It would be pretty clear to him that Anushka has her own mind, and will not take the same sort of shit that he used to give to Mona.
In another incident, Anushka and Mallika see Mona in a nursing home and learn that the reports show that she is pregnant (might be that the report is actually of Taani, who is pregnant after her relationship with Madhav). Anushka manages to obtain a copy of the report and is going to use that to make an announcement in the engagement party of Mona's cousin where Mona and Pradeep will be going as a couple.

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