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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Finally Shyam kicked out of the house

This week was a long drawn episode on the serial, actually the whole of the last 2 months have seemed to be a very drawn out version of the serial, with Arnav's absence being shown as his kidnapping, the conviction of Khushi that Shyam was the one responsible for the kidnapping, and her attempts to ensure that Arnav gets free from the kidnapping. So, there is a final confrontation where apparently Shyam ties Khushi on the road so that Arnav's vehicle can kill her, but she manages to just escape death. The confrontation between Shyam and Khushi was very weird, for example, Shyam put Khushi on the passenger seat and then moved to the driver's side - what prevented her from jumping out of the car while Shyam moved to the driver's side, and how was she wearing the seat belt when she was forced into the car ? That entire episode was strange.
And then the confrontation at the house. Arnav finally got free and came back home, and then Khushi blamed Shyam for doing this kidnapping. And that set off a long confrontation, where it seemed that Shyam used all his abilities to try and question the motives of Khushi, the support provided by Payal, and even by NK. And for a long time, Arnav remained quiet, although the pushing by Khushi and the push back by Shyam went in favor of the other and back for some time. Finally, when Shyam called Khushi bad names, accusing her of very low morals by targeting Shyam, then Arnav came in action, and slapped Shyam a couple of times, and then finally pushed him out of the home. However, all this is likely to have a bad effect on Anjali, something which both Arnav and Khushi wanted to avoid.

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