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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Getting closer to getting Arnav out of the trap

It seems like the time has finally come for the vacation of Barun to come to an end, so the serial is moving multiple threads together. It is clear to Khushi and NK that Shyam is the one behind the entire episode of Arnav getting kidnapped, and it was also clear to Khushi that Shyam is totally for her, not caring about his existing marriage and her marriage to Arnav, and also about the fact that Khushi has made it clear to Shyam that she does not share his feelings.
Anjali believes that Shyam is a wonderful husband, dedicated to her; and the serial makers are now implanting the seeds of doubt, so that in the coming episodes, they can show his truth to everybody. To this extent, Mami saw the episode where Khushi was trying to persuade Shyam to give a divorce to his wife, Anjali, and she told the same thing to Anjali. Anjali refused to believe that Shyam could do something like that, and she tried to get in touch with Shyam to confirm; and then she is shocked when Payal does not deny this.
At the other side, Khushi and NK have managed to get hold of a hotel bill and are using that to try and trace where Arnav may have been kept by using the restaurant delivery boys to find the location. Khushi manages to find the location, and does a bit of quick help by removing the kerosene from some jerry cans and replacing them with water, since this can was being meant to try and burn Arnav alive.
By this time Shyam has learnt that Khushi is betraying him, and reaches the place, and confronts her; and she replies back hard to him about whatever he has done.

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