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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - 5 years later, in Dubai now

So the serial finally made its fresh beginning, as was being advertised some time back. So you have Ram finally haven got over the shock of losing Priya and now reverting back to original, being a hard-hearted business man who cannot be fooled easily, and gone back to eating his oil rich food and eating drugs. On the other hand, Vikram and Neha do not look too much in terms of 5 years older, although Neha is now showing as a typical obsessed mother, with a son who resents too much of his mother's interference.
When Priya reached Dubai with the young girl, she came in contact with a rich and cold businessman, Rajat Kapoor. When he learns that Priya managed to make it to Dubai with the young girl, he tries to give her some money but Priya wants a job rather than money. He is reluctant, but finally offers her a book shop he has that does not make money, and tells her strictly that he wants rent on time, no compromises.
5 years later, Priya is still struggling, trying to pay rent on time. Her bookshop just manages to run, not making a lot of money, and if she has to give something to her daughter, then it is a problem. And we are introduced to her (and Ram's) daughter, Pihu, a young girl who copies many habits of her father. She snores, considers her mother to be untidy, and even shares the same tastes in ice-cream and and chocolate.
And then Ram comes to Dubai for some work in business, expresses an interest in seeing a book shop and then runs into his own daughter who is searching for Priya in the mall. They both have the same interest, wanting a large eclair, and then she asks him to help her search for Priya.

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