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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Abhishek in the haveli for his rights, against the family

After the court case where Tanmay was finally accused of the murder of Adarsh, and Krishna was left out, there was the unfinished business about why Abhishek was willing to do anything to make sure that Krishna remained accused of the crime, and be convicted. However, Pratigya played a key role in getting Krishna off and revealing the truth.
Now, there is a further confrontation between Krishna and Abhishek where they fought with each other; and then the scene shifts where SS also comes in and soon gets Abhishek beaten up, all the while you can see that there is some connection between them, and since this is a Hindi serial, you know that Abhishek will be the son of Sajjan Singh.
And so it happens, where Abhishek comes to the haveli with his mother and confronts Sajjan Singh. Sajjan allows them to stay in the haveli without promising anything more, while Abhishek wants the rights due to him. The others in the family are hostile to Abhishek and his mother, although Pratigya is more balanced.
In another confrontation, Krishna and Abhishek agree to a wrestling match in a week, the outcome of which will decide whether Abhishek will leave the haveli, or whether the others in the family will recognize him as their own. Both are getting ready for this fight.
In another twist, on the road, Shakti sees Abhishek outside and tries to run him down with his jeep, but Pratigya comes in the way and gets hit by the jeep. Abshishek forces Shakti to take Pratigya to the hospital, and when Krishna comes to the hospital, Pratigya lamblasts both Shakti and Krishna for what they are trying to do.

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