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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - After Megha agrees to marry him, Mohan to marry somebody else

This was an incredibly bad twist in the serial, something which is going to get a lot of viewers frustrated and angry. The show, while taking on a mature story, never got into the real serious stuff shown in other saas-bahu serials, keeping a lighter focus on even serious matters. However, the latest twist in the serial seems like  the mind of a frustrated writer who wants to inflict agony by creating elements of the story out of thin air.
The story goes like this - Megha was going to get married to Maanav, who everybody in the family also likes, and Megha refused to listen to what Mohan was saying. Also, to see Mohan, Ridhima had come with her parents, but Mohan remains interested in Megha only, even though his mother was trying to force him away from Megha.
Near the last few episodes, Mohan tries to reveal some truths about Manav, but then Maanav reveals that these were not the complete truth, and as a result, Manav becomes even more of a hero, and Mohan does not have a leg to stand upon. In desperation, he turns to drink, and then incited by his mom, he goes to Megha's house in a drunken state and implores her to marry him.
She does not support him, being in a shocked state, but when he leaves, she finally tells everybody that she does indeed love Mohan, and after some hesitation, her father-in-law accepts all this and says that he will get Megha married to Mohan, something that Renu did not want. However, things have turned horrific at the other end.
Mohan gets a call from Riddima's mother, where Riddhima's father is on the death bed, and he wants Mohan to marry his daughter before he dies (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi); Mohan is still feeling that Megha has rejected him, and hesitantly, he agrees to the marriage, and an emergency marriage happens at the temple. It is thus that while Megha is dreaming of getting married to Mohan, he is getting married to Riddhima.

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