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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Priya moves to Dubai, time leap to happen

For some time now, the serial has been showcasing a new beginning for the serial, where the serial will be refreshing its story to some degree. And you know that when Ekta Kapoor tries to refresh a story, that mostly means a time leap, and so it is supposed to be happening.
Priya has been sentenced to 14 years for jail for causing the death of people due to fake medicines, and the real culprit, Sid, has not been caught for this and is moving around scot-free. In order to prevent him from getting Ram killed, Niharika drives the car which was targeted for being caught in an accident, and she dies; however, before that, Ram is told by Niharika about whatever has happened.
Now, she is being moved to a different jail, which is located some distance away, and the whole trip is very emotional since she does not want her family to see when she is going away like this, including Ram. Ram is in a emotional depression, with his family trying to get him to live up again, and not remain depressed.
During the journey, there is an earthquake which causes a landslide on the same road where the van which is carrying Priya is, and she is lost from there and not found by Ram when he goes to search for her. She is with the daughter of another lady who died in the accident, and this kid is with Priya now. Priya goes home, but realizes that she is still sentenced to jail and cannot be with Ram. She calls Ram, but then hears him talking to another lady and hangs up. Now, she will go to Dubai, since the girl with her has rich family members in Dubai, and there, she learns that she is pregnant.

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