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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Finally the divorce happens

The separation of Jagya from Anandi was something very painful for her, but she had finally accepted it and although it was not easy for her to move on, she did. She also accepted that the divorce from Jagya was going to happen, and since this was not a relationship anymore that had any future, divorcing was the best that can be done. She even slapped Jagya once when he tried to blackmail his family into providing him a share of the property, by threatening that she would file a case.
On the other side, Jagya is getting into a more even relationship; Gauri is not like Anandi, she is independent minded and also knows how to manipulate Jagya to some degree. At the same time, she can take steps that hurt Jagya and his ego without even realizing that she is doing this; the only thing that pulls her back is that she does not want to lose Jagya to his family and Anandi.
So, finally Jagya has come to the city for the divorce, there he is drunk (also is a bit sad since Gauri refused to come along with him even though he had requested her); in this drunkness, he has a fight with Shiv and ends up in a worse off position since he gets hauled up into the police station. When Shiv realizes who he had a fight with, he takes back his complaint which lets Jagya get to the court for the divorce settlement; his family does not really want to have much of a conversation with him.
Another twist may come due to the condition of Anandi's parents; her mother is pretty ill with the thought of the breakup of her daughter's marriage, and her condition has not been told to Anandi. Bhairav and Dadisa are shocked when they see her in her ill condition.

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