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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The tapasya by Parvati is successful, but sets a condition for Mahadev

For some time now, the serial has been showing Parvati doing all attempts to do tapasya and prayers to Lord Shiva that he accept her and their marriage can happen - this marriage needs to happen, she is after the re-birth of Sati, she is also a form of Adishakti, and their union will also result in a son who will defeat a powerful demon. However, initially the serial showed Shiva not ready for this union, telling Parvati and others  pleading on her behalf that he does not know any Parvati and that he is still in grief over the death of Sati.
The others, particularly Nandi keep on pleading and so Shiv does agree that if Parvati can pass a series of tests, these tests designed to ensure that she leaves behind human weaknesses, then the marriage can happen. In between, there is also an attack on her parents to ensure that she marry the son of a demon, but at the right moment, Lord Shiva intervenes, saves her and her parents and almost destroys the demon army (their Guru pleads on their behalf).
So, Parvati is now starting on her journey, she has to go through some tests where her moral values her tested, where she is forced to choose between her quest and humanity, and then do some very tough tapasya after that, but she passes all of those. And then when Lord Shiva tells her that everything is now fine, and they can marry and move to Mount Kailash, she refuse !
Lord Shiva is shocked, but on questioning, it turns out that this was just that she was refusing to do a quick marriage, she wanted her parents to have the honor of doing a proper marriage for her, and that Lord Shiva would have to go to her father and ask for her hand. He agrees to do that.

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