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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Tension between the kids and trying to ease tension between Aarti and Yash

Yash remains very deeply in love with his dead wife, and hence even when there was a plan for re-marriage, he saw this to be a wife who would care for his children, and not for himself. At the same time, Aarti was also apprehensive about her re-marriage and whether her son Ansh would be properly loved in the marriage. On this account, she had no hesitation that Yash was a good father, he accepted Ansh as his child and did not differentiate between his own daughters and Ansh.
However, there remains a lot of distance between Yash and Aarti, with any chance of intimacy being denied to a large extent by Yash. He is too much in the memory of his dead wife to give anybody else the chance and in fact once extremely harshly scolded Aarti when he thought that she was trying to take the position of his dead wife. On the other hand, his parents were initially not very comfortable with Aarti, but now realize that she is perfect for him and for the family; also, they do not agree with his views and consider that Aarti and Yash should have a proper loving relationship like a man and wife.
At the same time, there is tension between the children, Palak and Yash, with some school stuff also coming in, with regard to a speech. Yash had written a speech for Ansh, a good speech, but Buaji changed the speech which made Ansh get a scolding in school and Aarti gets blamed for it, believing that she was trying to help Palak so that Palak gets closer to Aarti. Aarti learns that Buaji was the one who did the deed and when confronted, said that she did it since here is Aarti who is a supposed widow and gets re-married while nobody considered this for Buaji. Aarti does not reveal this to anybody since she is struck by what Buaji said. Now both Yash and Aarti are trying to persuade Ansh and Falak to do their best in the school performance.

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