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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya helps Veer get back his memory, and get Ichcha

Looks like the actress (Rashmi Desai) playing the role of Tapasya in the serial came back to the serial with an intention of ensuring that she would no longer play a negative role. Before the time leap, Rashmi had vanished from the serial, but at a stage where she had been thoroughly dis-credited by everyone in the serial, having been brought up under the highly negative influence of Nani, with her parents unable to prevent her morals and character from turning negative. The most positive influence on her life was her husband Rathod who prevented the negative influence of Nani and ensured that Tapasya would try to turn over a new leaf and become positive.
But after the time leap, Tapasya has been shown as a positive character, who came back into the serial to help Ichcha get back Veer. Ever since Veer was attacked by Avinash, and Ichcha killed him to prevent him from murdering Veer (and went to jail for that). However, during that attack, Veer suffered blows which caused him a memory loss, and he forgot his marriage and Ichcha. His mother, Gunwanti, who was never happy with the presence of Ichcha since she considered Ichcha as a low class girl (the daughter of a servant, as opposed to Tapasya, who was the daughter of a rich man) decided that his forgetting Ichcha was a good thing.
Gunwanti got Veer married off to a girl who would not cause any trouble, but what to do about the memory ? The memory loss in such attacks could come back, and hence she had to ensure that he never got back his memory; so she went to a doctor and got medicines that ensured that the memory would not come back. These were medicines that cost a lot, but needed to be taken regularly to ensure that the memory would not come back.
When Tapasya came into the house, she wanted to ensure that Ichcha got her rights back, and decided to investigate. Eventually, she managed to detect that Gunwanti was giving some medicines to Veer and replaced those medicines with sugar powder, and Gunwanti did not suspect anything. However, Veer got his memory back, and along with that, there was other evidence to expose the scheming of Gunwanti, and then Veer told her that he considers that his mother is dead and that he will get his Ichcha back. This is the second time that Gunwanti has been caught doing something, just shows that if you are caught by somebody doing something for the second time, then only you are to blame.

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