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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Ansh kidnapped by Prashant after court case

The serial suddenly has become much more complex. Till some weeks back, there was no mention of Prashanth in the serial, and now suddenly, he became the main character in the serial, making the life of Aarti hell. Initially he comes in for treatment for cancer and is not sure whether he will survive or not, but after he becomes fine, the feeling in him grows that since he is now fine, he deserves his wife and child back (ignoring the feelings of his ex-wife, even his parents, and also the fact that he had left rather than Aarti leaving him). Now, Aarti is in love with Yash and Yash with Aarti, and Ansh is well settled in with Yash, accepting him as his father and Yash does not discriminate between Ansh and his other children.
In this world, Prashanth comes in, supported by his Taiji who does not believe in this divorce stuff and wants to ensure that Aarti comes back to Prashanth; they barge into Aarti's house and let everybody know about this, which is a problem since everybody believes that Aarti's husband had died, not that she was a divorcee. For some reason, they did not want a divorcee, but a widow was fine. When they find out that they were lied to, they are all very agree but Yash continues to support Aarti which means that they are all punished by his parents.
In the middle of all this, Prashanth gets more serious, and once tries to influence Ansh, and in this conflict, he gets beaten up by Aarti and Yash. He gets angry, and with the support of Yash's father, hires the best lawyer for the custody of Ansh; there is a lot of drama including some very unusual actions by the judge, but finally the judge decides that custody is to be given to Yash and Aarti rather than Prashant.
When Yash and Aarti along with the children go for a vacation, Prashanth follows them and kidnaps Ansh, and even threatens to kill Ansh if Aarti does not come to him. During this time, the serial does 2 combined episodes with another serial (Qubool Hain), and they get mixed up with some serious matters, but so far have been unable to find Ansh. They even manage to get to the hotel room where Ansh was, but somebody picks him up before Yash and Aarti can get there.
That somebody seems to be Akash, who is going to the Scinidia household to be the new driver. He is fairly arrogant, and they will soon reveal that he is the one who had kidnapped Ansh from the hotel, since he is also the illegitimate son of Scindia.

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