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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hindi TV Series - The police torture shown in serials

There are a number of serials on in TV that seek to show crime in our streets, and the solution of such cases. Some of these serials are Crime Patrol, CID (which is fictional but still shows some kind of working of an investigative agency), Savdhan India (on Life Ok) and some others. All of them do some kind of service to citizens, since they show the nature of crime that happens nowadays and also suggests ways to prevent such crimes from affecting some of us.
Some of these situations are preventable, while others are not preventable. For example, the episode I am watching right now deals with the situation where an old lady gets killed soon after doing a property deal, and her body is not found for a few days. She did not have any enemies as such, and it took the police some time to find out who did it. One of the prime causes was that she was not careful about where she mentioned the money she was getting from the property deal (in cash), and by accident, somebody heard it aloud and knew where to catch her and take the money and get rid of her. So one prime learning is to never mention such money in front of people who you do not fully trust (although some episodes have shown crimes committed by family members, which makes the trust position very difficult). The other of course is not to handle large amounts of cash, instead deal in bank transfers or checks.
The other major issue that keeps on coming up is about police torture. These serials keep on showing police doing torture, trying to determine the true doer of the crime. Now, torture or beating up of victims is not allowed as per numerous court judgments, and it is the law of the land, and 3rd degree interrogation is not allowed at all. However, the serials show that since they are trying to determine the true accused, all this is fine. Even when you watch the serials, you can see that people get beaten up by the police even when they are innocent, just so that they try to get information.

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