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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Trying to identify Preeti Mausi's lover

The serial has taken the conflict between Avantika and Harish to a high degree. This is the second or third time that the episode is coming up in the serial and each time it comes when there is some chance in the serial for Harish to Avantika to come together. This time it is because of the machinations of Mami, who hires a lady from Kullu to come in and pretend that she was Harish's lover and Harish had got her pregnant earlier. After some time of this discussion, she is proved wrong, but this causes Preeti to come in and say that Harish had got her abortion done; and the suspicions shifts towards the belief that Preeti and Harish were having an affair, which makes things even worse for Harish in Avantika's eyes. To believe in the fact that your husband and your sister is having an affair and that your sister has become pregnant because of that affair can make things look very horrid. As a result, Avantika is no longer on speaking terms with both Harish and Preety.
Adi is taking all this pretty badly and does not think well of his father and Mausi now, but over a period of time, he learns that it was not his father but (in a great coincidence) that it was Pankhuri's younger chacha, Kailash Gupta, who was the one who made Preeti Mausi pregnant, and hence these 2 decide to set out for their honeymoon, but instead go off to Kullu to track Kailash and to get more truth behind all these facts (although why Preeti would not reveal all this to the family is strange - does she prefer that they believe that she had an affair with Harish rather than with an outsider, which would atleast mollify Avantika to a great degree - there seems like something still to be revealed in this story).
Mami of course believes that Adi and Pankhuri are trying to solve this story, and so she decides to go after them to change or spoilt what they are doing, and takes a taxi to go to Kullu (and the serial tries to show some comedy in terms of the taxi that she is using). Now, Pankjuri and Adi have indeed found Kailash, who is married to a lady who knows about his past affair with Preeti, but when Kailash is pushed, he denies that he knew that Preeti was pregnant, else he would never have left her.

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