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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya back, trying to make things right

The serial has had multiple time leaps so far; in the past there was a time leap of 10 years where both Tapasya and Ichcha got older, and had much more complications in their life. Ichcha was seen as the good and honest one, but inherently stupid (my view) while Tapasya was seen as the more selfish one, and in this selfish nature, she could go to any extent and do acts that are termed as evil. In all this, she was supported by Nani, who fed all her desires and made her more selfish and amoral. By the time of the next leap, Ichcha had murdered Avinash, who was threatening Veer at that time, and was sentenced to prison. In this duration, Veer, who had a memory loss, was re-married by his mother (who had a distaste for Ichcha) and who brought up Ichcha and Veer's son to be extremely selfish and arrogant.
In this next time, for a period of 18 years, Tapasya was away from the serial, as was Rathore. Further, Ichcha was out of prison at the end of this period, and the set of children were all adult now, Meethi, Mukta and Yuvraj. Things are a bit complex in their interactions, especially since Jogi Thakur is now poor, while Damini is now rich. There are more complications in this story, with Yuvraj finally being sent to prison on a rape charge, where testimony is being provided by his own mother Ichcha.
Meethi was against her own mother for quite some time, but now things are more reconciled. She is also in love with Vishnu, from their past, but things are not quite what they seem to be. Mukta, who has started believing in the goodness of Ichcha, sees that there is something suspicious about Vishnu, but is still to gather all the information that is necessary to change things. In between, is the story of Mukta and Tej Singh (another evil character), where Tej Singh wanted to marry Mukta, but Tapasya (entering the serial again) takes the place of Mukta and gets married to Tej Singh. She wants to reconcile Veer and Ichcha, something opposed by Gunwanti, who is feeding a medicine to Veer to ensure that he does not remember his past, but he has started remembering a few things, and in between remembered Veer fully.

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