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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Ayyan and family want to leave; Asad almost discovers Mariam

Things have suddenly gotten much hotter in the previous week in the serial. In the previous week, the serial had shown complications in both houses; Asad had gone to attend a marriage and Zoya had already landed over there. In the marriage, it soon became apparent to Zoya that the bride, Mariam, was under a lot of pressure and was not happy about the marriage. Zoya saves her from burning herself, and in turn the bride tells her that the groom had raped her, and it was for the family honor that she was getting married off to her rapist. Zoya cannot take this, and helps Mariam escape and instead sits in for her; and then Asad runs off with her with the family members chasing them (till now, Asad really does not know what is happening and has not been involved in the running away of the bride).
They indulge in a lot of cat and mouse game, trying to run away from both sets of family members who want to kill both of them, once with even the police catching them and handing them over to the family members. They manage to escape, and in a maha episode with Punar Vivah, Yash and Aarti are also there and get involved to some degree, with the mob even baying for their blood. Things get real problematic when the father of the girl lets Asad go (since he is distantly related to them) while saying that they will not let Zoya go (she had helped Mariam in escaping). However, he comes back soon and digs Zoya out from where she had been buried and they head back to Bhopal. Now, Mariam has come to Bhopal and is being helped by Zoya without telling Asad, while Mariam's father had already come there and told Asad that if his daughter comes there, to tell him.
Meanwhile, Ayyan was placed in a compromising position with Humeira by Rasia, since she wants her daughter to get marred to Ayyan, but this is broken just before the engagement by Nikhat (there was a video in Humeira's computer that recorded how both of them had become unconscious and hence could not have been involved in any intimacy) who has received the video from Humeira (who loves Ayyan but does not want to get married to him by force). Now, Ayyan wants to leave the house because he does not trust Rasia, but Rashid is under blackmail by Rasia over something that happened 17 years ago.

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