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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram changes his feelings for Priya

What an easy way to put a twist in a serial. You can bring in any character, or bring back at any character and that will automatically create a twist in a serial. So, it happened in this serial. For a long time, the character of the step-brother, Siddharth, who tried to frame Ram for a case of drugs adulteration, and for which Priya took the blame. As a result of this, priya was sentenced to a jail term and overall, this finally led to the separation of Ram and Priya; while Ayesha was pregnant with Siddharth's child and to cover which, Ram married Ayesha.
Now, Siddharth appears back in the serial, appearing back as a role which is as evil as ever. But he is also helpless to some extent, since he is still on the run from the police (Ram had managed to prove that Priya was innocent and that the actual culprit was Siddharth, and ever since Siddharth was supposed to be hunted by the police). Ayesha is still in regular touch with Siddharth, which is now being shown by the serial. Ram, or the others, of course do not know about this.
Now, the other twist was that Siddharth does not have any kind of money, it is Ram who has control of all the money in the business. As a result, Ayesha does not want to be in a position where she no longer is Mrs. Ram Kapoor, since that gives her access to enormous amounts of money and also to the high levels of society, and that is what she wants never to lose. Hence, she will not go with Siddharth if that means that she loses this status and money.
On the other side, Ayesha had tormented Pihu enough that Pihu decided not to go back to the house, and got lost; she was picked up by some hoodlums who decided that they would use her for begging, but then discovered that she was very rich and wanted money. After some amount of tension, she managed to run away and in the hunt for getting her back, Siddharth (in the guise of a party clown) manages to get the hoodlums away enough that the police are able to rescue her. Priya, now considers that Ram is incapable for holding Pihu and decides to take her back.
Ram has accepted this, and in the end, also comes to a determination that he wants her back. In order to ensure that he has no guilt complex with Ayesha, he goes to Ayesha and shows her that he wants a relationship with her; this is very uncomfortable to Ayesha and she tells Ram, which ensures that Ram is now comfortable that he is not leaving Ayesha in the lurch and is free to pursue Priya, but who is very angry with him now.

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