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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Siddhi injured in a blast

The serial has been reporting lower TRP's for some time now, and it seems to have taken a shock very recently. The actress playing Siddhi on the serial (Keerti) got injured in an accident in Mumbai and suffered injuries to her body and to her face (she was in an auto-rickshaw which got over-turned), and hence the episodes on the serial adjusted to show her in a way where her face was not shown (bandaged due to the injuries suffered in a bomb blast). There is some speculation that Keerti has decided to quit the show, but this is not confirmed.
The serial keeps on having twists and turns, whereby Kunal comes close to Siddhi, and then distrusts her and leaves her, and so on. This makes the story line quite stale and boring at times, and hence the serial has lost some of its avid viewers. Again, the serial has reached a stage where Kunal and Siddhi are together again, this time because of a court decision as part of divorce proceedings, where they are forced to stay together for 6 months. Siddhi, of course, always believes that she is in the right (even though she decides to take many good decisions and does not tell Kunal about them, and it is easy for some of those decisions to seem that she is acting for herself, not for Kunal or for his family).
When Siddhi is there at the Chopra household, the family of course do not trust her and hate her, it is only the children who believe in her and want to ensure that their parents get together again. Also, Kunal still has a soft corner for her, but all these years has made him very cynical; so anyhow, a situation arises in which a crisis will bring back the old feelings for Siddhi. She has gone to get ice cream for the children, when a blast happens and she is apparently caught up in it. Kunal goes looking for her, including among dead bodies, but is not able to find her.
So, in a matter of cunning, Kunal convinces Anand to go to Abhay's house and have a conversation with him, this conversation being transmitted to Kunal and a police party over a switched on mobile phone; and then Kunal barges in and they find Siddhi in an injured condition in the house. So, Siddhi is now in the hospital, but there is money required for her treatment (I always thought that people injured in a bomb attack such as this one get free treatment) and Kunal does not have any money (even after 9 years, he is still hand to mouth and does not have any money) and Kunal is now seeing as to how he will get this money.

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